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Bacon is bacon is bacon right?

Not in Japan.

I love bacon and I guess I was taking it for granted before moving to Japan because I just assumed that bacon in any country would essentially be the same. I didn’t expect maple flavored bacon but I did expect the bacon to cook the same. Sadly, it doesn’t. I thought it was my bacon frying skills that were getting rusty and that the temperature was too high. I even tried buying different brands and cuts of bacon only to have them all turn out like this (or worse).

Sad bacon

It tastes fine but I would rather have my bacon evenly cooked. Unless I’m missing out on something, the only truly satisfying bacon experience I’ve had in Japan is from the ¥800 package of bacon you get from Costco. First of all, that’s damn expensive and since I don’t live anywhere near a Costco it’s a whole day excursion to go and get the bacon. The Meat Guy has bacon too and I’m sure its good but the price speaks for itself.

Maybe I’ll indulge next time and buy some bacon from an international supermarket.

I really miss my Canadian bacon and I don’t mean thisCanadian bacon aka ham

I mean thisMmm bacon


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Suicide Girls

I used to like Suicide Girls but the types of models they use still promotes the unfair reality that you have to be incredibly hot and a certain size in order to be a model.

Honestly, the only difference between Suicide Girls and other models is the presence of body art and hair color.  Where are all the average looking girls and plus sized models?

Suicide Girls Logo

“SuicideGirls is an alternative to the mainstream media’s obsession with the silicone enhanced Barbie dolls and the incredible shrinking starlets.”

Maybe these girls don’t have fake boobs but in my opinion they’re just as harmful than their silicone counterparts.

I don’t have anything against promoting an alternative to mainstream beauty but if you’re going to do it, do it right. Skinny, fat, big boobs, small boobs and everything in between.

End rant.

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