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Now that Burger Week is long over and my body has (mostly) recovered from a diet of meat and very few vegetables, I can recount my delicious journey.

Not even piles of snow and unploughed sidewalks stopped Haligonians from starting Burger Week on March 19th. I feel like even if White Juan junior had hit a day later and as long as pubs/restaurants stayed open Haligonians would’ve trudged through the blowing snow to get that first Burger Week burger. We are Maritimers who are fed up with winter and need those $5 burgers, dammit!

This was my first Burger Week and I was damn excited! But I think I’ll develop a plan of attack (and possibly consult a nutritionist) next year. I fell behind the other Burger Bitches by missing out on a lunch burger the first day but I made up for that rookie mistake by fueling my body with nothing but burgers for the next 5 days. I was inevitably stricken with the worst digestive problems I’ve ever experienced but it was well worth it, I think.

My first burger came from Rogues Roost. We originally decided we would try Krave first but after arriving and seeing the queue we decided to pop across the street to Fickle Frog only to be told that they had already sold out of burgers at 8pm. How do you run out of burgers on the first day!? After that disappointment, we pulled out our Burger Week passport we decided to check out Rogues Roost for their Montreal Smoked meat burger. Once we entered we were greeted by an slightly intoxicated acquaintance of Burger Bitch #1 who gave a less than favorable review of the burger. We were disappointed but decided to go for it anyway, I mean, it’s only $5! It wasn’t as disappointing as our friend had made it out to be but a bit more than one thin slice of smoked meat would’ve been nice.

The other days weren’t as exciting as it became more of a personal challenge than an enjoyable feast.


BEST PICKLE: Rogues Roost – Montreal Smoked Meat Burger


2015-03-24 11.13.51

MOST UNIQUE & TASTIEST: Ardmore Tearoom – Waffle Burger


2015-03-25 14.17.41

THE MOST DISAPPOINTING: The Wooden Monkey – Kimchi Haddock Burger



MOST SATISFYING: Krave Burger – w/Smokey Bacon Jam



JUICIEST BURGER: The Fickle Frog – w/Brie and Curry Aioli

*Not pictured here Athens Restaurant – Lamb Burger as it wasn’t anything to write home about.


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It’s a very rainy Sunday evening here in Halifax, the perfect ending to an amazing weekend. It doesn’t get much better than a chilled Sunday evening snuggled up in bed with some hot tea, the internet and the sound of the rain outside for inspiration.

Perhaps it’s because everything is still new and exciting but I realized this weekend that I’m in love. I’m in love with Halifax. That’s right, I’ve falling in love with yet another city. I remember when I realized I was head over heels for Tokyo, I think it was sometime in 2008 after the initial shock wore off and I started to feel somewhat comfortable within the city. With Montreal it was more of a love-at-first-sight moment in 2003 when I went there for the first time for Warped Tour.

The weekend was pretty exciting, there was a lot going on. The best part was getting to see my special someone after two weeks apart. I am starting to learn that absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I don’t think that your feelings change while you’re away from each other, I think that what makes you feel closer to your partner after some time away is the intense feelings of appreciation for the time that you do get to spend together.

We saw and did a lot over the few days that we had. Oktoberfest was on Saturday which was fun but not as disorderly as the last Oktoberfest I attended in Yokohama where I ended up with a shopping basket on my head. We made a surprise trip to a local convenience store to check out the arcade at the back of the store. It’s called Halifax Vintage Arcades and it’s got everything from Robocop to pinball machines. The owner switches them up periodically to keep his customers happy and he also rents the games out. What a great idea for a party!

On our way back from all the fun we had gamin’, we stumbled upon a set up for a really cute backyard wedding. We were nosy and had a look around while the girls were setting up. I love the idea of a backyard wedding.



Backyard Wedding

Backyard Wedding

Sunday was what I believe to be the last installment of the Switch Halifax event series for the 2014 season. Think ‘street party’ but with less dancing. This time Agricola was closed to traffic and businesses were offering deals on food and drinks and residents were out on the sidewalk selling off books, clothing and other things they no longer had a use for. I could have bought a lot more but I think the books I chose were prime. I’ve already read The Book of Negroes but it was so good I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of owning it myself (for $2) and being able to re-read it whenever I want to. I’ve heard good things about The Time Traveler’s Wife and Never Let Me Go so I’m excited to get into both of those.



We got a little hungry from the walk and were happy to stumble upon Gus’ Pub which is home to what I’ve been told is the best burger in the city, Ace Burger. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had a burger in such a long time but I was thoroughly impressed with Ace. I can’t say just yet if it’s the best burger in Halifax as I’ve yet to try the others but it has set the bar high, real high. Judging by the picture, it doesn’t look like much but believe me it’s delish! It seems the focus for Ace Burger is on flavor, not the presentation or all the bells and whistles that comes with gourmet burgers.

Ace Burger

Ace Burger

Early birthday cake!

Early birthday cake! It’s handmade with ❤

Grabbin' a caffeine fix

Grabbin’ a caffeine fix

Pretty awesome local coffee

Pretty awesome local coffee




Best house in the Neighborhood

I’m starting my second job this week so depending on how I feel by Friday, this coming weekend might be one of relaxation and reading which I wouldn’t be too upset about. I haven’t given myself anytime to read lately and I’m dying to get into my new books!

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Too many times have I been disappointed by hyped up burgers in this fair city.

“Best burger in Tokyo” they boast. “American taste”, they claim. But none, none have lived up to the hype. Yes, they’ve been juicy and of course they’re loaded with toppings but I ask you this: where’s the flavor?!

I’ve tried:

Kua ‘Aina (various locations)

Jiyugaoka Burger in, yes, Jiyugaoka

The Beat Diner in Yurakucho

J.S. Burgers (various locations)

TGI Fridays (various locations)

Tokyo Peoples Cafe in Kamiuma

And the Asian fast food chains:

Mos Burger

Freshness Burger


With the exception of TGI Fridays all of the above mentioned burgers have paled in comparison to the good ol’ fashioned charbroiled goodness that is a real American/Canadian burger. Maybe I’ve been to all the wrong burger joints?

This was how I felt until I discovered Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, a Hawaiian chain in Harajuku.

This could be my new go-to burger joint

The first component of Teddy’s that tempted me was their extensive menu and the option to choose the size of your patty: 5oz, 7oz, 9oz or if you don’t think you can handle even the smallest option (as the waitress told me) you can always go for the “lady’s only” slider set. I wanted to yell, “Are you kidding me? I can handle whatever you can grill!” instead I politely refused and opted for the 5oz C.C. Rider combo (the actually call them combos here and not sets). A perfectly cooked patty topped with cheese, Teddy’s special sauce, lettuce, onion and the best part; thinly sliced, mouthwatering bacon cooked just right. I’m pretty sure they import their bacon because this was nothing like any of the bacon I’ve eaten in Japan with the exception of Subway. Superb!

The burger was juicy made a yummy mess as I ate it. I could have used a burger wrap but I wanted the full experience.

Just look at that juicy bacon. Mmmm, bacon

I think next time I’m going to go for The Bandito or the Hot Pocket, both are loaded with jalapenos. Maybe I’ll even go for the 7oz patty too.

You can check out the Teddy’s menu online here and Time Out Tokyo talks about Teddy’s here.

Just writing this is making me hungry, I think I know what I’m having for dinner tonight.

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