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I’ve gotten away from writing. This happens a lot. I never plan to stop writing but it always happens and by the time that I realize I’ve stopped it’s already been a month or two since I’ve put a pen to paper or in this case my fingers to the keyboard. I don’t solely blame social media but I think it does plays a part in my lack of motivation and inspiration.

There are so many different platforms we have access to that help us connect with friends, family and strangers and help tell the stories of our lives but I haven’t found any that are quite as authentic or thoughtful as blogging.*

The reason I started this blog was to keep in touch with family and friends in Canada while I was living abroad. Then along came Facebook. I connected my blog to Facebook because let’s be honest who is actually going to go out of their way to read my blog when they can just get the Coles notes version of my life from my Facebook feed. And I wasn’t willing to give up writing stories about my life.

Instagram came on the scene next and again I connected that social media to Facebook because many of the friends (mom) I have on Facebook don’t have Instagram and I was no longer using Facebook to post pictures. I noticed that Instagram was becoming my go-to social media for connecting with others and it started making me sad because posting to Instagram doesn’t take any effort. Is this what friendships have become? Do my friends not deserve a solid heartfelt effort from me when I’m sharing stories from my life? We’re all too focused on making our lives look flawless and full of adventure to make any real connections.

Online dating has been reduced to superficial first impressions based solely on a picture rather than an introduction. And friendships have been reduced to 15 second videos and instant snapshots of our staged lives. Does anyone actually use the call function of their phones anymore? Are we heading towards a world where that function will become obsolete? I don’t want to live in that world. Maybe I am of a different generation but I love phone calls. They may not be convenient but they’re more efficient and I believe that they help build relationships and secure bonds. By not calling each other we are slowly putting more distance between ourselves and that worries me.

To any of my friends reading this, CALL ME!



*Tumblr does not count as blogging.


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I can’t say that my life in Halifax is perfect or without it’s frustrations, sadness and stress but I make the most of it. I’d be lying if I said that my heart strings weren’t still tightly tied to living abroad. There’s something about living in another country that makes your life feel more purposeful and the human connections made more genuine and special. That is something that has been lacking since my return to Canada. I have met some truly amazing people and have formed some good friendships but I hadn’t felt that real connection with someone until recently.

Those of you that have been abroad for any length of time know what connection I’m referring to, it’s the one that’s instant and the more you get to know each other the more you see how similar you are and the more you grow to love each other as unique and special people. These are the connections that help you grow in obvious ways and teach you to be a better person. I find these connections usually happen with people who are also foreigners they are not necessarily from the same country as you they could be from anywhere but because you share this unique (and often frustrating) experience of being a foreigner you are connected.

I didn’t think that I would ever experience this sort of human connection with anyone again until the next time I went abroad but I was wrong and so glad that I was. Thanks to an inexperienced manager I ended up leaving a full-time job I had at the end of December and it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I was feeling fulfilled and as though my life had no meaning so I started searching out meaningful volunteer opportunities and that’s when I came across the English language learning program at the Halifax public libraries. I thought that I would be a great teacher because not only did I have the experience of teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) but I also understand what it’s like to live in a foreign country and struggle to understand both the culture and the language. The student I was assigned to is an incredible Brazilian woman who moved here with her husband in December. Over the short time that I have been teaching her we have connected on more than one level. Even though we come from completely different countries and our lives are different, we understand each other and to me that’s the beauty of friendship

I admit I have been living my life in Canada with a somewhat closed heart which has made it difficult to find genuine connections. I think I live this way because there is a part of me that always wants to leave, the same part of me that feels disconnected from Canada yet will always feel connected to Japan.


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The craziness that is Christmas is beginning to wind down. After a wonderful visit, my mom has gone back to the island and I’ve got the place to myself for an undetermined amount of time until my roommates return. This holiday season has been more introspective than years passed and I’ve learned a lot about myself and even had a few epiphanies.

I’m going to recap and reminisce about the year the old fashioned way instead of relying on Facebook or some other form of social media to recap the year for me. In reality all of the most significant moments that occurred in my life this year were not posted to Facebook or Instagramed or even tweeted, they were experienced and shared with some very special people.

I’ve heard that whatever you’re doing as the old year rolls into the new year is what you’ll be doing for the rest of the year. Well, last year I was ringing in the New Year with drinks in Halifax and now Halifax is my home.

It was right around the beginning of 2014 that I had enough of the endless, depressing winter in Fredericton and decided to do something about my life. I convinced myself that moving back to Japan would be the best thing for me and I got the ball rolling. As you already know, this didn’t work out the way I expected but am very happy with the way that it did. I’m working as a baker and have a pastry school goal in mind and am able to spend more time with a special someone that came into my life this year.

All of the significant events of 2014 came unexpectedly and unplanned, as if the universe was forcing things into my life. So even though 2014 started out a bit sad and stressful, I’m sailing into 2015 with nothing but positive things and people in my life and I couldn’t be happier.

Here’s to all the wonderful people that came into my life in 2014 and to those that never left, you know who you are.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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