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Suicide Girls

I used to like Suicide Girls but the types of models they use still promotes the unfair reality that you have to be incredibly hot and a certain size in order to be a model.

Honestly, the only difference between Suicide Girls and other models is the presence of body art and hair color.  Where are all the average looking girls and plus sized models?

Suicide Girls Logo

“SuicideGirls is an alternative to the mainstream media’s obsession with the silicone enhanced Barbie dolls and the incredible shrinking starlets.”

Maybe these girls don’t have fake boobs but in my opinion they’re just as harmful than their silicone counterparts.

I don’t have anything against promoting an alternative to mainstream beauty but if you’re going to do it, do it right. Skinny, fat, big boobs, small boobs and everything in between.

End rant.


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